FASHION WEEK:<br>Iodice's Water Nymphs

Valdemar Iódice designs for the globe-trotting woman, and for his spring 2009 collection, he transported her to the lost city of Atlantis. With water as his primary inspiration, Iódice showed flowing dresses in shades of turquoise and and creamy silk tops tiered in such a way that Allen Ruiz, the show's Austin-based hair director and a Global Stylist Advisor for Avon Advance Techniques Salon Professional Hair Care, noted, "It almost looks like there's gills inside the clothes. It's really quite amazing!"

To complete the aquatic look, Ruiz created a modern, swept-back low ponytail that evoked a woman emerging from water, and Phillipe Chansel of MAC Cosmetics used all shimmering, light-reflective makeup for a beauty effect that was truly otherworldly.

Press play above for our behind-the-scenes look at the show, plus the final results on the runway!

--Monica Herrera

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