Fashion Inspiration from the Brian Reyes Fall 2010 Runway

It's amazing how one fall fashion show can make you forget how much you're hating winter. Brian Reyes's Fall 2010 runway show was to be a "story of tranquil beauty" inspired by elements of nature, like trees of the northwest, bark, ash and fire. Browse through some of the looks from last night's show and discover ways to spruce up your look now while you're still impatiently waiting for spring.

1. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 1

Cropped Tops are Back: This look is actually two pieces—a silk brocade cropped top and a high-waisted pencil skirt.

Show a bit of skin and still look classy by weariing similar separates in luxe and heavier fabrics, like wool or even dark denim. For a seamless look like the one seen here, make sure the two pieces are made of the same material.

2. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 2

Beautiful Color Combo: Reyes paired a rich, metallic brown with an eye-popping reddish-orange for a look that will reflect fall and brighten up the winter.

3. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 3

Cheaper Than the Real Thing: There were plenty of thigh-high and knee-high socks seen on the runway, which gives the look of boots, but at a fraction of the cost.

4. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 4

Show Some (New) Skin: Reyes covered the normally bare areas and opted to show off the usually hidden mid-section and upper thighs. Even though it's winter, it's still okay to wear cropped tops and shorts. Just be sure to cover up everywhere else, and don't forget your coat!

5. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 5

One Color, Two Shades: Look for separates that are the same color, but a few shades lighter or darker. Look in your closet now for combinations or take your favorite solid separates to the store with you when trying to find something to pair them with.

6. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 6

Staying Neutral: Neutrals are going to be big for the next few seasons. Make them more interesting with tiered skirts, luxe fabrics, interesting details and a bit of contrast.

7. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 7

Furs to Dye For: Furs of all different colors graced the Brian Reyes runway. Look for furs—real or faux—in bright colors and in all shapes and sizes that can be belted or left open. The possiblities are really endless.

8. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 8

A Flirty Silhouette: Pair a fitted tunic with a fuller mini skirt to create a youthful and feminine look.

9. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 9

Your New Favorite Color: Be prepared to see seafoam green popping up all over the place. The color looks great with all neutrals, including white, black and grey.

10. Brian Reyes Fall 2010 - 10

Bold Neckwear: Instead of a necklace or sweater over your fancy dress, top it with a chunky black scarf or fur stole.