Fashion Designer Mara Hoffman Talks About Her New Collection & Her Love of Arroz Con Pollo

Mara Hoffman’s Swimwear 2013 Fashion Show was anything but ordinary (especially with wolves howling in the background!).  The inspiration? “Desert Outlaw Gypsies” where Hoffman “toughens it up a bit” with bold prints, bold colors, and bold cuts galore.  We caught up with the designer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami where we got the inside scoop on her designs, her love life and raising her son in a Latin-American household.

So, we hear you partnered up with Hawaiian Tropic this season, what fueled this pairing?

“Well, what could be a better match than swimsuits and amazing skin? Their new product Silk Hydration Lotion is awesome because it’s got great SPF for sun protection as well as an amazing moisturizing lotion so that you can wear it all day without feeling, you know, oily, and it just soaks in, it’s awesome!”

Where would you love to travel next?

“I’m dying to get to Brazil! The culture, the beautiful people, the sexiness of the women, their appreciation for color. I’ve noticed a lot of amazing designers heading to Brazil for inspiration. “

How do you balance being a mom and your day job?

“You know it’s tough, it’s a juggling act. I have an amazing husband who is my partner and supports me 100 percent and takes a ton of the load, so that I can run my business. I just have to call it quits at a point in the day. I have to get home by seven so that I can see my son before he goes to bed.”

So, in the kitchen, who cooks and who cleans?

“My husband. I’m embarrassed to say that he does the majority of both only because I can’t cook, it’s just not my forte, and I’m not the greatest cleaner-upper. But he is like the best man on the planet.”

What’s your favorite Latin dish?

“Arroz con pollo. My husband is Cuban (and) he cooks, and that I love, so it’s a staple in our house. My son is growing up on plantains and black beans and rice.”

How do you feel about your son growing up with both cultures?

“It’s a huge plus. I feel so grateful and happy that he has both of these worlds. It only serves you so much better in life to have more like that.  Hopefully he’ll speak both languages. Just to have the connections outside of the US is amazing.”