EXCLUSIVE: Marc Anthony on Working with Jennifer Lopez and Their Kohl's Lifestyle Line

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just launched their first Fall 2011 Lifestyle collection for Kohl’s and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek! The Mens line has an effortless understated cool look, while the Women and Home lines designed by J.Lo exuded her signature glam style.

We caught up with La Lopez’s hubby, Marc Anthony, to see what he had to say of this new venture:

Why did you decide to do a line for Kohl’s?

I’ve been approached in the past to create a line, but I never saw myself as a fashionista or designer. It wasn’t until I met with Kohl’s and understood their vision and it was in line with everything I felt. I wouldn’t say it was about fashion, it was just good quality, well made, practical clothing.

I know you’ve worked on different projects with your wife in the past. Was this any different?

Yes, as opposed to other projects where the turn around for the final product was fast, this project was something we grew into and nurtured. There wasn’t as much pressure and it was effortless. We could talk about it everyday, ask for each other’s opinions, and just bounce ideas off of each other.

Do you have any advice for couples that are going to work together?

You literally have to put yourself in the other person’s position. Before you make a comment, make sure what you’re going to say isn’t going to make a situation worse. If your comment is not intended to make things better then don’t say it at all. You’re better off taking a walk and catching your breath because more pain is caused by things said in the moment that make no sense and you must be conscious of that.

How are the kiddies?

The kids are big and beautiful and it’s something new everyday; I don’t feel like we have twins, I feel like we have roommates.

Do they speak Spanish?

Hell yeah, you better believe it!