EXCLUSIVE: Kat DeLuna On Her Fab Collaboration with Designer Christian Siriano

In the November issue of Latina, we catch up with vocal powerhouse Kat de Luna to discuss her evolving look, her collaboration with Christian Sirriano, her new album Inside Out and more! Here's a preview of the interview:

On meeting Christian: “We bumped into each other backwards, and when we turned around we exchanged numbers and became friends. Since then, I started working on my sophomore album and he offered to help me with designing my outfits for this album.”

On the evolution of her look: “I was that little girl wearing tiaras and poufy skirts to the supermarket; I never cared. Later, I’d wear sneakers, short-shorts and a wife-beater, and—although I can still be that girl sometimes—nowadays heels are a must, and I love designer vintage pieces. I’m a risky dresser, so sometimes I’ll wear an outfit that I could get in trouble for, but it’s okay because I think it’s all about expressing yourself.”  

On her mom’s influence: “My grandmother was a seamstress, so in DR she would always make us beautiful dresses. And my mom had amazing style! Even after she had me, she would wear classy dresses and very vintage-looking accessories—that’s where my fascination with vintage pieces came from.”  

On her new album, Inside Out: “I have evolved as a musician; it’s been three years and I’ve traveled the world bringing all those different sounds into my album. It’s a mix of your familiar Kat DeLuna energetic tracks, some ballads, pop—and, of course, Latin dance because I’m Latina.”

On her fashion reflecting her sound: “The outfits that Christian designed definitely reflect my music. All the pieces depict the American Kat that’s a diva and very trendy, but there’s also the Latina side to me that’s romantic, exotic and international—my music entails elements of all of this.”

For more with Kat, pick up the November issue of Latina on newstands Tuesday, Oct. 19.