Eric Daman: What to Wear & What to Avoid Wearing This Summer

And what should they avoid?

We are still seeing a lot of the booty shorts. I feel curvy girls in general shouldn’t be wearing booty shorts. We're also still seeing a lot of the bright colors - it doesn't look great and it’s not really flattering to your figure, but there are other great options out there. There are really cute little circle skirts that are short. If you want to short, do it with a flirty little skirt, don’t have it all hanging out. There are little flutter skirts that are really cute and there are great prints; you can do a leopard you can do a solid. It’s a great way to kind of show off your legs but also keep a little mystery to it all.

You're still working on the Carries Diaries, which stars Chloe Bridges - a newcomer Latina who's exploding in Hollywood right now. What do you love about dressing her each week?

I do love Chloe, she’s smokin’. It’s fun because she plays the mean girl and we get to take a bit more risk and take fashion chances with her that we weren’t taking with Carrie. She is one of the first girls on the show that we were doing in the high-waisted, acid wash denim. She really embraces that character and kind of likes to have fun with those clothes and is into taking those chances and being like the "kitschy 80s mall girl." 

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