Eric Daman: What to Wear & What to Avoid Wearing This Summer

Costume designer and celeb stylist Eric Daman isn't any stranger to glamour; after all, he's the guy responsible for the gorgeous gowns you saw week-after-week on Gossip Girl. Currently, he's making 1980s Connecticut mall girls chic on The CW's new hit show The Carrie Diaries and also acting as brand ambassador at one of our favorite designer discount shops, Century 21.

We recently got to catch up with style guru when he was celebrating Century 21's flagship NYC store remodel and expansion and asked for his tips on dressing for your body type this summer, what it's like working with breakout star Chloe Bridges, and how you can get the best stuff at discount retailers. 

When you navigate a designer discount store like Century 21, what are your tips for finding gems or key pieces?

When I go through these types of stores, I think it’s important to have a focus. A lot of people come in and say “I’m going to browse” and I think they get overwhelmed. Come in with a bit of a focus... I usually start with a color.

Yesterday, we were shopping for the mannequins and we wanted to do an orange trend. I came in looking for orange and then I kind of clock the store throughout all the designer racks. From there, it’s going to lead you on this other kind of buried treasure hunt. I think something that's really great about being able to shop here is that it’s not just current collections, it’s not just what you are going to see at Sak's or at the other department stores. You can see things that are one-of-a-kind and aren’t available anywhere else but still have that designer label and are 40-60% less.

As we look towards summer trends, what are some of your tips a curvier body type should embrace?

I think that one that's great for curvy women and been around for a while is the patio dress. We are seeing them a bit more form-fitted up top which I think is great on curvy women. We are seeing a lot of the empire-waist line; it’s something that was all over the runway. I think it’s something that is great for summer, it just flows. During summer it’s hot and when you are curvy you don’t want to be sweating in a tight dress, it’s awful. I think the patio dress and those kinds of empire shapes; the flirtier shapes are really great for that.