Designer Angel Sanchez's Favorite Wedding Dresses

Attention brides-to-be (or anyone who loves looking at pretty wedding dresses—and who doesn't?!). We've got a treat for you! Get ready for wedding dress overload, because this weekend, designers began sending their newest gowns down the runway for bridal fashion week in NYC. 

To get us in a bridal state of mind, we asked Venezuelan designer Angel Sanchez, who showed his new gowns on Sunday, to share his favorite wedding dresses from his current collections. Take a look at these standout dresses to see why Sanchez—who designed Eva Longoria Parker's wedding gown in 2007 and dresses celebs like Salma Hayek and América Ferrera for the red carpet—is the go-to source for Latinas in search of wedding day glamour.

1. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses - N6006

If you're planning on partying all night at your wedding day, this is the gown for you! "This dress is for a bride who likes to dance because every single angle of it looks a little different—so she will show them all off as she dances through the night," says Sanchez. "This is a lot of dress, so she has to be modern and want to look special on her wedding day." Sanchez says this versatile gown would be appropriate to wear “indoors and outdoors, and at a spring wedding or at a winter wedding. You can dress this gown up by adding a veil or keep the look simple." (Style No. N6006, $6380)

2. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses - N7007

There's more to this ivory trumpet gown than first meets the eye. "What really makes this dress special is that it has two trains—a tulle back train and a long veil that extends to the floor," says Sanchez. "This allows the bride to have a very traditional look for the ceremony, and then she can bustle the gown and remove the veil for a more modern style at the reception." He advises wearing this gown to a wedding in the country or "any place where you are surrounded by green." (Style No. N7007, $5380)

3. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses - N6003

The embroidered flowers that grace this gown's neckline transform the classic design into an unforgettable wedding dress. "This gown is for the bride who wants a traditional look, yet still wants her dress to have unique elements that are special," says Sanchez. "It's for the bride who really wants to enjoy her wedding day. The gown has a very relaxed, natural feeling, so this would be a perfect dress to wear at a destination wedding." (Style No. N6003, $5170)

4. Angel Sanchez Weddng Dresses N7002

Before he became a fashion designer, Sanchez worked as an architect, so it's no surprise that his eye for structural details is evident in this contemporary strapless ivory gown. Sanchez says he likes the gown’s "very modern design," which he feels would be ideal for a city wedding. "I love how the fabric adds a beautiful shiny lacquered effect to the dress," he says. (Style No. N7002, $6996)

5. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses N6005

"This gown shows off the bride’s body while still featuring the volume of a traditional bridal silhouette," Sanchez says of this trumpet gown. "This design is for someone who wants to cover her shoulders on her wedding day—I can picture a bride wearing this dress at a church ceremony." To match the understated design of the dress, Sanchez advises keeping your look very natural and simple. "You should wear your hair up in a chignon and maybe add a beautiful neckline and earrings to your wedding day ensemble." (Style No. 6005, $5610)

6. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses N7004

If you're planning an untraditional wedding celebration with a modern twist, you'll love this cocktail dress. "This dress is very flirty and coquettish. It's the perfect gown for a bride who is very young and bubbly," Sanchez says. "If you have great legs, this dress is perfect for showing them off! You could wear a different dress at your wedding ceremony and then change into this gown for your wedding reception." To jazz up the dress's fresh look, he suggests adding a pop of color with brightly hued shoes. (N7004, $3960)

7. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses N7001

"This is an ethereal dress with soft layers of tulle. It's ideal for someone who wants a romantic gown," Angel Sanchez says of this off-white silk gazar dress. "I love creating my own fabrics, and in this dress, I used silver embroidery that adds a unique element and shine to the design." (Style No. 7001, $6930)

8. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses N6004

For a figure-flattering gown that's every bit as elegant, look no further than this off-white ball gown. Sanchez loves "the way the seams on this gown move around the body" and suggests that the shape "is perfect for a bride who is curvy with a nice bust because the silhouette will flatter the lines of her form. If she’s a little bit 'hippy,' the ball gown shape of this dress is ideal for calling attention away from her hips." (Style No. N6004, $5610)

9. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses N7009

Sanchez loves how "lace pleats and even, square panels in the skirt give lots of movement to this dress. The dress shows off the bride's body but is still very flowy and elegant." This intricate design is an attention-grabber even without further adornment, so Sanchez advises keeping the accessories simple. "I like the idea of a bride wearing a natural, floral headpiece or a very simple square veil with square panels like the planes on the gown," he says. (Style No. N7009, $5720)

10. Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses N6007

"The bride who would choose this gown is definitely someone who likes to show off her body," says Sanchez of this asymmetrical one-shoulder dress. "It’s for the bride who wants to include a little bit of fashion in her wedding day. The three-dimensional flowers make this gown very trendy, yet the lines of the dress are still romantic and elegant. I see a bride wearing this gown without a veil at a city wedding." (Style No. N6007, $5940)

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