Dania Ramirez on her Fashion Week Runway Appearance: "I Was So Nervous"

Dania Ramirez stopped by the Latina offices last week during a short break amidst the hectic NYC Fashion Week activities she participated in. The gorgeous dominicana is also currently filming a movie here in New York with Joseph Gordon Levitt (Premium Rush) so Ramirez is one busy lady!

We asked her about her recent experience walking the runway for the bobi/Boy Meets Girl/Caravan Spring 2011 show at Style360 during fashion week, and she admitted, "I was so nervous. I didn't want to fall!" We can't blame her, due to her busy schedule she wasn't even able to do a run through. "I've been so busy I wasn't able to practice with the shoes on, so we only did one run through with my flip flops when I actually got there for the show."

"I was just nervous because I didn't want to mess up and it was kind of slippery," says Ramirez. "It was fun though! I loved pretending that i was a model for a day."

Ramirez joked around that she loved the opportunity to practice her fierce faces, telling us: "I did everything, I'm crazy! I was like, I'm going to be serious for part of the runway and then I'm going to smile for the other half and then I got to the top and I was like [strikes a fabulous pose]."