Camila Alves vs. Kitson

Camila Alves might have it all—beauty, riches, a new baby and Matthew McConaughey by her side—but according to L.A. boutique Kitson, no one wants to shell out cash to buy her overpriced handbags. The Brazilian former model launched Muxo, a line of high-end bags and purses for men and women last August. Kitson says that they have only been able to sell half of the merchandise ordered, leaving them with a $25,000 deficit. The store blames Alves' lack of marketing and promotion, claiming that she has never come into the store, and has also been inaccessible and failed to deliver on a new diaper bag design (Alves apparently struck a separate deal with Lucky Brand for the diaper bag).

Kitson reps also argue that Muxo's price point is too high, especially in this economy, so they have decided to give a 60 percent discount and offer a DVD of McConaughey's flop Surf's Up as a gift with purchase to get people to bite.

But still...nothing. With prices ranging from $660 to $1,350, we're not surprised. In Alves' defense however, another trendy L.A. Shop Fred Segal says Muxo handbags are flying off their shelves, but Kitson has an inside source who claims that not a single purse was sold at a recent Muxo trunk show hosted at Fred Segal.

Who really knows? The beef with Kitson sounds personal, Alves must have really pissed someone off over there. The real question is: Do you think Muxo is worth the bucks?