Arlenis Sosa: Supermodel?

What does it take to reach supermodel status these days? Is it decades in the fashion business? Is it multiple magazine covers with one model’s face appearing at the same time in various countries all over the world? Is it an inflated sense of self that declares it will not get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day? Perhaps it’s something more.

Arlenis Sosa is fairly new to the modeling industry. The 20-year-old Dominican model has been walking the runways for little over two seasons, but has already strutted in creations by Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior and Diane von Furstenberg. Sosa’s also already garnered stirring recognition, being the cover girl for Time magazine’s Style & Design issue, appearing in this summer’s ubiquitous Gap ad campaign, scoring a gig as spokesperson for Lancôme cosmetics, and, most recently, opening Dominicana Moda 2009.

She kicked off this month’s Dominican Republic fashion week by walking in the Luis Menieur show. While on the island for the festivities, Sosa also received the 2009 Dominicana Moda International Award for Achievement in Fashion. She was celebrated by her personal and professional family; Lancôme representatives were there to happily support and cheer on their gorgeous spokeswoman. But Sosa was also back home in the Dominican Republic to proudly launch her charitable foundation in support of children with diabetes.

With so much industry activity filling Sosa’s schedule—and so much purpose and goodwill filling her heart—one need not wonder if she yet fits the description of a supermodel; perhaps we should redefine the term supermodel to mean all that is Arlenis Sosa.