Ahead of the Trends: Custo Barcelona’s Funky, Flashy Frocks

The Custo Barcelona Spring 2012 fashion show was an absolute spectacle. The collection was named Tripolar and was broken up into three parts: Dual, Kaleidoscope, and Mirame. Each section had its own feel, from casual to flamboyant, but there were some consistent themes running throughout the entire collection.

Custo really focused on the colors, metallic materials, and prints of his clothing. The color palette spanned the rainbow from neutral beige, browns, and greys to flashy purples, pinks, oranges, and turquoise. Some were intertwined making the print look as if you were looking into a big kaleidoscope. But the main theme throughout the show were the eye-catching shiny metallics that illuminated the runway!

Here’s how you can get your shine on and be ahead of the trends.

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