Chic and Cheap: Street Queens

Carrie Bradshaw, take note: This street-inspired jewelry will be the nameplate necklace of the future! Nina Sky are huge fans of Bijules NYC, a cooler-than-thou accessories line that sells in boutiques from Miami to Stockholm (check out the full line at Our favorites are the super long and versatile “Cops and robbers” chain ($385), the sumptuous “grenade launcher” ($1456), and the drop dead gorgeous brass nail ring ($166), which takes nail jewelry to completely, new and unexpected heights.

If shelling out that kind of money is unrealistic in this economic climate, then consider the very reasonably priced Cubannie Links ( This Cuban-American designer makes to-die-for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Check out the “sugar chain” ($28), the “Pinar del rio” which boasts a glimmering crystal droplet ($42), and lastly, the potentially controversial “Tupac Rosary” ($34). With its pistol dangling from a rosary chain, you’re sure to raise some disapproving eyebrows.

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—Serena Kim