Every Single Photo You Must See from the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The Latinas were in full force at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and it's no surprise they pulled out all the stops. 

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1. 1

Lais Ribeiro is looking oh so casual in her very sultry bra right before the fashion show. 

2. 2

Adriana Lima somehow still looks good rockin' a redecilla.

3. 3

Joan Smalls knows how to pose for the camera, mastering the angle and light.

4. 4

Alessandra Ambrosio is all about the selfies! We would kill to sneak into the frame with her. 

5. 5

Barbara Fiahlo and Gracie Carvalho are getting ready to rock the runway and show off their fierce makeup. 

6. 6

Daniela Braga loves keeping it silly while posing for the camera. 

7. 7

Izabel Goulart looks fabulous and so thankful to be a part of yet another show. 

8. 8

Hello again, Adriana Lima! She looks great rockin' this neutral-colored bra and undies. 

9. 9

YASS, queen! Alessandra Ambrosio looks like a snow queen in her oufit. 

10. 10

Barbara Fialho is all about the bedazzled look for this getup. 

11. 11

Flavia Lucini is rockin' the blues and purples while The Weeknd rocks the stage. 

12. 12

Izabel Goulart is wearing all the sparkles in this piece. It looks like an amazing work of art. 

13. 13

Joan Smalls is on fire with this look! She is definitely bringing the hot factor to the red carpet. 

14. 16

Selena Gomez is drop-dead gorgeous in this outfit for her performance. She looks like she is ready to start walking the show herself. 

15. 18

Lais Ribeiro is showing off everything her mami gave her, giving us all kinds of fierce with her pose. 

16. 19

Izabel Goulart looks like a Grecian goddess in this very skimpy lingerie. 

17. 15

Joan Smalls is back for the win again! We are in love with all the colors in this look. 

18. 20

Bruna Lirio is showing off a lot of leg in this look. The yellow color of the cape perfectly compliments her skin tone, too.

19. 21

Gracie Carvalho is sexy with her pink top and bottom. The jacket really helps solidify the dapper look. 

20. 22

Lais Ribeiro looks like she's getting ready to walk through a very sexy snow storm. 

21. 23

Selena Gomez decided she was going to change it up for the afterparty. The singer not only rocked colored contacts, but she also had a very sexy blue dress. The cutouts hit her in all the right places. 

22. 24

Alessandra Ambrosio decided to cover up a bit for the afterparty, though she still showed off her killer legs with the high slit on this dress. 

23. 25

Adriana Lima took a dip in gold for her afterparty look. The plunging neckline really suits her figure. 

24. 26

Joan Smalls decided to go for a print on her dress. We love the detailing and the high slit. 

25. 27

Lais Ribeiro was rockin' this jumpsuit like there was no tomorrow. 

26. 29

Daniela Braga looks amazing in her all-white ensemble. We are loving the detailing on this dress. 

27. 30

Bruna Lirio decided not only to show off her chest but also her leg, and we love it!

28. 31

Barbara Fiahlo looks like a hot lady of the night in this outfit. She is definitely rocking the midriff cutout. 

29. 33

Gracie Carvalho looks beautiful in her short white and black dress. 

30. 35

Selena Gomez rocked yet another fit for the show. She looked like a serious dominatrix in this very sexy dress.