The Most Unforgettable Grammy Fashion Moments

From J.Lo's iconic green Versace dress to Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga's insane getups, here are the 12 looks we will never forget.

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1. Jennifer Lopez and Diddy — 2001

The Versace dress that caused the biggest red carpet uproar we've seen to date...

2. Shakira — 2001

Shak's hips definitely we're lying when they were wrapped in this lacy gold material back in '01. The Colombiana still looks as hot as ever today, after two kids!

3. Samantha Mumba — 2001

The definition of deep-V.

4. Toni Braxton — 2001

Before there was Angie's thigh-high slit, there was Toni's completely exposed left leg/hip/side.

5. Traci Bingham — 2001

Two words: bedazzled boobs.

6. Christina Aguilera — 2001

Those braids though... Xtina took a break from getting "Dirty" to get glammed up for the Grammys in 2001.

7. Pink — 2003

Pink, "Just Give Me a Reason" why you thought this was a good look.

8. Cristina Milian — 2006

Oh hi, abs. Even back in the day, Christina was still getting Turned Up.

9. M.I.A. — 2009

Just why?

10. Lady Gaga 2010

The world according to Gaga.

11. Nicki Minaj — 2011

Wild thang.

12. Fergie — 2012

Underwear as outwear.