Style Diary: J.Lo's 7 Fashion Tips & Confessions

The actress, singer and style icon talked to us about her new fall collection at Kohls and about the simple style rules she uses to shape her look—and make her the fierce fashion diva we love. Take note! 

1. Jennifer Lopez Style Diary: Fierce

“My style that inspires the collection is not just one, it’s a combination of classic, sexy, modern and glamour.”

2. Jennifer Lopez Style Diary: Monochromatic

“I like a monochromatic look that feels effortless yet chic. All you have to do is add a pair of hoops, a bracelet, some booties and you’re done.” 

3. Jennifer Lopez Style Diary: Sexy & Balance

“When dressing sexy you need balance. If it’s too short, you don’t want to be showing a bunch of cleavage. If it’s long, then you want super tight. You want it to be sexy but classy.”

4. Jennifer Lopez Style Diary: Sequins

“I love bling and embellishments, but I want to find new, modern ways to incorporate them, so we did smaller, flatter sequins.” 

5. Jennifer Lopez Style Diary: Black

“For years I would never wear black, but now as I’m more mature or maybe just as fashion has changed a little bit, I feel like it looks so modern.”

6. Jennifer Lopez Style Diary: Rings

“I don’t really have a rule or formula about wearing rings on multiple fingers. I just do what feels good and when it’s all together it works!” 

7. Jennifer Lopez Style Diary: Pop Of Color

“I do love the pop-of-color look and I feel like it works right now.”