Penelope Cruz’s 6 Best Fashion & Beauty Ads

Penelope Cruz is apparently every marketer’s dream. Her face has graced many ad campaigns and it seems she’s not stopping anytime soon: she was recently named the new face of Loewe, the iconic Spanish luxury retailer. Click below for even more campaigns that snagged Penelope and let us know: Which is your favorite? 

1. Penelope Cruz Ads: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

The actress represented the iconic brand in 2001 ad campaigns, one of her first modeling gigs as an actress spokesperson. "Ralph saw some of my movies and then called me for a meeting," she told Vogue UK in 2001. “He offered me the campaign, and I was very happy. I've followed his work since I was little. I love his taste. It's sexy and classy at the same time." Ralph told the magazine. "Before we even met I saw this inner sparkle. She's a unique combination of beauty and intelligence." Talk about a compliment! 

2. Penelope Cruz Ads: Mango


Penelope starred in an ad campaign with sister Monica Cruz for the 2009 Spring/Summer line. With voluminous hair, smoky eyes and of course – Mango clothes – the actress looked simply stunning.  

3. Penelope Cruz Ads: Campari


The starlet was the fourteenth face of the Campari Calendar 2013, which was distributed to Campari’s supporters from around the world. Shot by fashion photographer Kristian Schuller, the images are fiery and beautiful. 

4. Penelope Cruz Ads: L'Oreal


With her first ads for the makeup brand appearing in 2007, the actress carved out a lucrative spot for herself, showing off everything from mascara to gloss (and looking great while doing it!).

5. Penelope Cruz Ads: Lancome


Representing the L’Oreal-backed brand and Tresor perfume, the actress smoldered in the latest ads with piercing eyes and pale lips. Signed from 2010 to 2012, she followed superstars Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts as the brand’s spokesmodel. 

6. Penelope Cruz Ads: PETA


While not for a fashion braind, in February, Penelope was the latest actress to star in a PETA ad, telling the public to “give fur the cold shoulder,” in an anti-fur campaign.