EXCLUSIVE: 8 Never-Before-Seen Pics of Massy Arias

Body goals AF! Our May cover star Massy Arias is setting our beach bod goals pretty high. In these exclusive, gorgeous outtakes from our shoot, Arias shows off her beautifully sculpted tatted body.

“Right now I am pretty proud of the body I built,” the Instagram sensation said.

While this image highlights the womanly curves, she says she’s created with years of working out and eating right, Arias has, at times, received social media criticism for having a less-than feminine appearance.

“A lot of people don’t understand that pumped muscle is very different than core muscle,” she explained. “Usually, I’m pretty buff in the pictures I take because there’s blood circulating through my muscles, so I look a lot bigger. Also people don’t understand that when you’re cut, you look a lot bigger in pictures than you are in person. But when they see me in person, it’s, ‘Oh my God, you actually look toned. You do not look that muscular.”

“Plus, it’s all preference,” she added. “We all have to respect each other.”

Get to the gym, stat!!!

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1. EXCLUSIVE: Never Seen Before Massy Arias Pics

The Dominican fitness star is a white-hot vision. The dress perfectly hugs all of her curves and the shoes are spectacular. 

2. Massy Arias Pics 2

Massy's movement is both athletic and artful. The two-piece outfit works great with this move, and it's why we can't get enough of it.

3. Massy Arias Pics 3

Badass. Bold. Beautiful. The structure of the top and skirt look amazing with her hard rock abs — and the hair in a braid crown adds the perfect contrast. 

4. EXCLUSIVE: Never Seen Before Massy Arias Pics

For Arias, jumping higher than LeBron James is an everyday occurence. 

5. Massy Arias Pics 5

The Instagram superstar is giving us all the feels in this pic.

6. Massy Arias Pics 6

Try holding this pose for more than five seconds — we dare you! The mesh detailing paired with the super fierce pony is giving us life. 

7. EXCLUSIVE: Never Seen Before Massy Arias Pics

Body as art. Art as body. Massy has moves for days and this picture is no different. 

8. Massy Arias Pics 8

Complete Afro-Latina ballerina vibe in effect. We love the peek of white against her mostly black outfit!