8 Latino Celebs & Their Signature Style!

There is nothing wrong with knowing what works for you–especially when it comes to style. And these Latino celebs seem to have it down to a science. Take a peek at some of your favorite celebrity signature styles:

1. Latino Celeb Signature Style: Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee

Do your chains hang low? Daddy Yankee's sure do! The reggaetanero loves a little dazzle around his neck.

2. Latino Celeb Signature Style: Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

The crooner has a thing for hats–baseball hats, that is. We think the sporty, boy-next-door look totally works for him, no?

3. Latino Celeb Signature Style: Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte

It makes total sense that this Cubano's signature look involves a speedo, but Lochte also shows he's not afraid of a little color–and a whole lot of pink!

4. Latino Celeb Signature Style: Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

The filmmaker definitely has a wardrobe staple when it comes to his hats. Black, white, brown and everything in between, we wonder just how many he owns!

5. Latino Celeb Signature Style: Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony

Marc isn't afraid of showing a bit of skin. The singer always leaves his top buttons open, revealing (usually) some necklaces or chains. 

6. Latino Celeb Signature Style: Prince Royce

Prince Royce

Prince Royce wears his hair in a retro pompadour–always. Hey, no complaints!

7. Latino Celeb Signature Style: Pitbull


Mr. Worldwide has a penchant for suits with no ties, topped off with aviator glasses. He's definitely made it his own.

8. Latino Celeb Signature Style: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

This cutie loves sporting a fedora. We think it only adds to his cool, retro vibe.