The Craziest Outfits In Latin Grammys History – So Far

The Latin Grammys is always an award show where people show off their best and sometimes worst outfits. Check out the celebrities that have rocked the wackiest outfits so far; there might even be some repeat offenders: 

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1. Latin Grammy Fashion: La Vida Boheme

Venezuelan Rockers La Vida Bohème decided to wear their art on their sleeves, literally, for the Latin Grammy awards.

2. Latin Grammy Fashion: Charytin

Charytin looked like she had fun on the red carpet while she twirled around in her peasant-inspired outfit.

3. Latin Grammy Fashion: Rosario

Singer Rosario looked like a Tribal Queen while she posed in the press room at the Latin Grammys.

4. Latin Grammy Fashion: Gloria Estefan

Latin royalty Gloria Estefan seemed to be channeling the Wild Wild West with this white leather and fringe ensemble.

5. Latin Grammy Fashion: Carlos Santana

Guitarist Carlos Santana promoted peace and the Virgin Mary on the red carpet.

6. Latin Grammy Fashion: Alejandra Guzman

Singer Alejandra Guzman has always been unique, so her choice of this "peacock-inspired" dress was no surprise to us.

7. Latin Grammys Fashion: Roselyn Sanchez

Actress Roselyn Sanchez shined on the red carpet with an embellished "back-side" that left little to the imagination.

8. Latin Grammy Fashion: Ivy Queen

Reggaetonera Ivy Queen sported a white and gold ensemble, but her nails were the center of attention.

9. Latin Grammy Fashion: Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera somehow channeled a flamenco dancer and the LA Lakers simultaneously.

10. Latin Grammy Fashion: Mala Rodriguez

Music Artist Mala Rodriguez gave Christina Aguilera some competition with her Moulin Rouge-inspired corset dress.

11. Latin Grammy Fashion: Charo

Charo likes to be seen, no matter the cost — even if it means wearing an fringe-embellished gold dress.

12. Latin Grammy Fashion: Shakira

Shakira wore the perfect one piece-suit to shimmy her hips while performing on stage!

13. Pasión Vega 2012

We love the color of Pasión Vega's outfit in 2012 but the combination just isn’t working. The earrings are also too big for her head and the fact that the dress matches the carpet is a big no-no. 

14. Duina del Mar 2012

The Colombian pop star, Duina del Mar looked like she just rolled out of bed and decided to put her entire jewelry case on. 

15. Christina Eustace 2012

Chrstina Eustace had the right idea with the shape of the dress but it was just too much for her frame. The cuff also made her outfit look worse, because it didn’t match with anything. 

16. Charo 2013

Yet again Charo committed a fashion crime with her outfit at the 2013 award show. The color of the dress is great but the gloves and the way too high slits just aren’t working for her. 

17. Z Lala 2013

Z Lala looks like she decided to go dumpster diving with this outfit. The hair is way too much, and it's completely overpowering her look. 

18. India Martinez 2014

Is it long or it it short? India Martinez clearly couldn’t decide with this dress. The color and detail on the dress are spectacular but it’s just too much going on in one piece. 

19. Desireé Estrada 2014

Desireé Estrada is swimming in fabric. It is way too much dress for her frame, and the opening in the front just doesn’t suit her. 

20. Marcia Jones 2014

Marcia Jones couldn’t decide whether she was going for a sheer dress or a velvet one. The combination of the two doesn’t work for her at all and makes her look like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.