EXCLUSIVE: Khloe Kardashian on Creating Jeans for Every Woman and Her Love for Selena Quintanilla

Find Out Why Today’s Slim Khloe Kardashian wanted to create a denim line for the once thicker Koko.
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Khloe Kardashian and her friend Emma Grede have kicked off a body revolution with the launch of a new line called The GA Denim Project. With their collection, Khloe K and Grede are addressing the flaws they’ve experienced with jeans by creating their own perfect pair, and have chosen a myriad of real women (including Latinas!) to prove it. 

We chatted with Grede and our fave Kardashian about this new empowering venture, Khloe's love for Selena and more. Read it all below.

What made you want to start a jean company?

Emma: I wanted to make jeans for myself. I’m petite, but curvy and thought if I’m constantly altering or tailoring jeans, then there must be other women that are doing that too. So, knowing Kris, I called her up and said, “I have this great idea and I really want to talk to Khloe about it." Khloe and I sat down, I told her my idea for the jeans, and she agreed with the struggle of buying jeans, so we thought, “Let’s do it.”

Khloe: At times, people wouldn’t dress me because I was too big for them. I don’t believe that there should be plus sizes. As a jean junkie, when I was a little bigger I wasn’t able to buy at luxury stores because they didn’t carry it in my size. It always made me feel really embarrassed and frustrated. Now, that I have started losing weight, I want to fight to have the same trends and everything that I get to wear now, for when I was bigger.

What are some of the details that you looked for when creating the pair of jeans?

Khloe: I want to embrace all that I love of the female curve — the more voluptuous the better for me! For our denim, we have this great built-in contour waistband, so you never have to spend money buying jeans and then tailoring the waist. We’ve had so many focus groups and tried it on so many various shapes and sizes and never got that gap [in the back of the jeans] and that was something I was missing so much in the market.

Emma: You get great fabric with lots of stretch that has amazing recovery and that was really important. Also, on our site you will always see the product on 3 different body shapes because if I’m buying something I want to see the closest version of me and that’s just something that’s so overlooked.

Who is your target audience?

Emma: It’s any woman that wants to look good and feel comfortable. You can be curvy in many, different sizes and, at the end of the day, most women want to look at their butt and have it look good regardless of their size. We’ve done plain, simple styles and more rugged and vintage styles because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for offering a much wider size range.

Khloe: I come from a multicultural, melting-pot family and I believe that is what America is, and that’s who I want to be my everyday consumer. We did an open casting call and over 12k submissions came in one day.  It was such an honor because we didn’t give much detail on what it was — it was just real women uplifting other women. I wanted a variety of heights, sizes, colors. I picked so many women to be on the website and the billboards — just everyday women. It’s such a beautiful mix of gorgeous women and to me that is what the GA brand is.

Growing up, were there any Latinas that you related to or love now?

Khloe: I love Sofia Vergara.  Just love, love, love how she keeps her culture — even on Instagram everything is written in Spanish — it's beautiful. Jennifer Lopez, but that's kind of like...

Emma: Who doesn't? How could you not love J. LO?!

Khloe: Selena [Quintanilla] though. She was a beautiful person who was obviously taken too soon, but normally the best ones are, right? I love her and her story. It's incredibly sad, but after so many years of passing away you still see people wanting to continue her legacy — it's as if she never really left. It blows my mind the things that she continues to do not even being here, but that's because of her family, husband, and her fans keeping her alive. You felt her heart and when you feel good people, you want to continue their name.

Well, we'd like to say that we consider you the honorary Latina of the Kardashian clan with your hoop earrings, heels, and jewelry.

Khloe: Oh! Well, muchas gracias! A lot of my inspiration is from that — I love it! You just made my day.