Take an Inside Look into Jessica Alba’s Closet!

The Coveteur is one of our favorite sites. The site takes an inside look into your favorite tastemakers’ closets and gets the details on everything from his or her personal style to where they bought that awesome fedora. Most recently, they featured Jessica Alba–and we were loving the inside scoop. Take a look!

1. Jessica Alba's Closet: Shoes

“Who doesn’t love all shoes?! It’s impossible to select just one pair I couldn’t live without. If my shoes could talk though, they’d let you know how much I love to wear them again and again. We go a lot of places together, so I certainly put them to the test because I’m not the most delicate when I wear them out and about. And they don’t mind being shared with my friends.”

2. Jessica Alba's Closet: Jewelry

“When I first began my career as an actress, I think I picked out clothes based on what I thought I should wear…to meet other people’s expectations. Now, I’m not a slave to trends or fashion insecurities. I dress for myself, wearing what inspires me and works for my lifestyle.”

3. Jessica Alba's Closet: Eclectic

“I gravitate toward eclectic styles because I like having options and a wardrobe that is truly reflective of me. While classic items make up the foundation of my closet (think black blazer and the perfect jeans), I love to incorporate everything from vintage to punk rock to feminine elements. I’m also a huge fan of accessorizing for transforming any look and giving it personality.”

4. Jessica Alba's Closet: Mishaps

“[Memorable fashion mishaps]? Do you mean my deliberately mismatched socks, hair scrunchies, and high tops? Or my tomboy meets Prince (yes, the musician) outfits? While I eventually developed a love of fashion, I still experienced my fair share of red carpet blunders. Once I wore a dress backward because I couldn’t tell which way was front. I have also had seams split, zippers burst…it’s all happened. So, the lesson I’ve carried forward? Pay special attention to your undergarments.”

5. Jessica Alba's Closet: Honor

“Not surprisingly, my oldest daughter Honor has a distinct sense of style and likes to pick out her own clothes. My only requirements are that she chooses outfits that are school-, weather- and age- appropriate. Leggings worn with skirts and funky tennis shoes are a staple because they are easy to play in and cute. When it comes to pajamas, though, I make sure she and her sister sleep in organic ones that are free of flame retardant chemicals since they spend so much time sleeping.”

Read the rest on TheCoveteur.com/JessicaAlba http://www.thecoveteur.com/jessica-alba