Do You Think J.Lo's Outfit Looks Like a Halloween Costume?

Well this is certainly one way to describe an outfit. Tabatha Coffey, of Bravo's Tabatha Takes Over fame, is not known for subtlety. So when it came to evaluating Jennifer Lopez's look at the Chime for Change benefit, her words weren't the nicest.

"Oh look, it’s Jenny from the Block. Um, more like Jenny from the Swamp!" she wrote in her column for "Ick, ick, double Crocodile Dundee ick. Hid-e-ous is a nice way of describing this outfit."

And the insults didn't stop there: "It looks like a crocodile wrestled a spider’s web and the croc won. Just looking at this makes me think Halloween costume, Elvira, and WTF were you thinking. It’s too much, too heavy, and it looks like the croc is wearing you, you’re not wearing it."

While we can see if you have an aversion for reptile-inspired outfits, this may not be your favorite, we're wondering if the critique was a little much.

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