J.Lo Breaks Her #1 Fashion Rule — At Least 10 Times

In the September issue of Redbook, Jennifer Lopez breaks down her top three style rules. While two had us nodding in agreement (sexy blouses should flow away from the body and dress how you feel – regardless of age), her number one rule had us scratching our heads.

The diva reveals: "If you're showing a lot of leg, don't do cleavage. If your dress is tight, it shouldn't be short. You cross the line into trashy when you reveal a lot."

J.Lo, you know you don’t follow this guideline! But we’ll forgive her – as they say, rules are meant to be broken. Here are 10 ways J.Lo has broken her number one fashion rule. 

1. JLo Fashion Rules: 2000 Grammys

2000 Grammys

The famous Versace dress that turned heads was both super low cut and showed off a lot of leg (along with a lot of, well, everything).

2. JLo Fashion Rules: 2006 MTV VMAs

2006 MTV VMAs

J.Lo rocked a tight dress with a high hemline and over-the-knee boots. 

3. JLo Fashion Rules: 2007 Rodeo Walk of Style

2007 Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards

The performer showed off a lot of cleavage, and still revealed a lot of leg with a high slit. 

4. JLo Fashion Rules: 2009 NYC

2009 NYC

Leaving her hotel in NYC, J.Lo showed off her curves in a formfitting red cress that was short and tight. (She looked fierce though!)

5. JLo Fashion Rules: 2010 Book Launch

2010 NYC Book Launch

While walking the red carpet for a book launch party, the diva kept it fun in a tight dress that showed off her awesome legs. Our rule? If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

6. JLo Fashion Rules: 2010 Beverly Hills Gala

2010 Beverly Hills Gala

Wowza! J.Lo looked stunning in this shiny minidress that showed off her rockin’ curves and legs. 

7. JLo Fashion Rules: 2011 Grammys

2011 Grammys

The singer sparkled in this silver minidress that showed leg, cleavage and curves. We’re not mad about it!

8. JLo Fashion Rules: 2011 Las Vegas Pure

2011 Las Vegas Pure Nightclub Opening

With a hint of neon, the performer was ready for the club in a white dress and pink booties.

9. JLo Fashion Rules: 2011 AMA

2011 American Music Awards

All we can say is: if we can look like this at 42, we’ll take it.

10. JLo Fashion Rules: 2012 Single Release

2012 Single Release Party

Hourglass figure? Check. Amazing legs? Check. Who needs rules when you look great in everything?