EXCLUSIVE: Paula Garces Tells Us Which Trends are Hot This Spring

When it comes to fashion, actress Paula Garces (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) knows what she's talking about. The gorgeous colombiana — who hardly ever misses Fashion Week is the co-creator, host and executive producer of the mun2 hit show, The Look (Saturdays at 3 p.m.) — where she offers advice on all things fashion to the bicultural Latina. Paula spoke to Latina.com about the trends she just can't get enough of this spring, why Latinas dress differently from coast to coast, and what she loves most about Latina fashion. 

Tell us about The Look!

It’s a show for Latinas who have grown up here, but still want to stay in touch with their culture. We feature Mexican artists, Colombian artists, Caribbean artists — we also do a makeover where we give one of our viewers a chance to win a trip to New York City where my celebrity stylist Jorge Ramon gives them a head-to-toe makeover!

Are there any trends you’re wearing this spring that you would like to share with our readers?

I do like the clog heels! I'm also wearing the flowy colorfuls skirts — the miniskirts that are not so tight. There are little spring jackets that are really cool right now — they have zippers and some of them even have a little bit of fringe. But what I really like about this season is that I feel like there’s not one specific thing that’s really hot and one thing that’s really not. It’s a time when anybody can explore their own trends and play around with it.  Anything from cat-eye sunglasses to really big seventies glasses. I feel like pretty much anything is wearable right now!

You know quite a bit about fashion. Tell us: How is Latina fashion different from coast to coast?

People who aren't Latina don’t know how many different cultures there are within the Latino community. Mexican Americans are very different from Mexicans living in Mexico, Mexicans are different from Caribbean people — and Colombians are different from Argentineans and from Venezuelans and Panamanians.  Just because we speak Spanish, that doesn’t mean that we’re exactly alike. East Coast Caribbean girls dress very differently from West Coast girls — I love exploring those differences and bringing them to life on the show. I also like exploring how high fashion is influenced and inspired by Latin people and Latin culture.  But one thing I don’t do is {recommend} high-end stuff to my audience because it’s unrealistic for their pocket — I dissect a celebrity look and I break it down and make it affordable for them.

What do you love most about Latina fashion?

One thing that all Latinas have in common is that we’re not afraid to push boundaries. We’re not afraid to show our curves, and celebrate our culture. That’s why Latinas are considered sex symbols — because they’re not afraid of the heat!