Eva Mendes' 8 Best Style Tips!

The lovely Eva Mendes debuted as a guest editor for StyleList this week, and it comes as no surprise, considering the Cubana is one fashionable lady we wouldn't mind snagging advice from! With that said, we've rounded up 8 of Eva's best style tips -- check 'em out:

1. eva slide 01 turban

Closet Essentials

Eva's closet is a mix of old staples and new favorites, but the essential pieces she feels all women should have in their closets are: turbans, floral summer dresses, ankle boots, jean shorts, LBD and tights.

2. eva slide 02 high bun

Quick Hair Fix

What's Eva's quick fix solution for a bad hair day? "Definitely throwing it up in a high bun, with a beautiful scarf as a distraction," she tweeted.

3. eva slide 03 smoky eye look

Try a Smoky Eye

"A smoky eye is all I need when I get dressed up," Eva says. "Use powder on the outer rim of the eyelid and only line with a pencil on the inside lid."

4. eva slide 04 vintage

Shop Vintage & Look for Bargains

"I'm always looking for great quality things without a big price tag," Eva wrote. "That may be why I love vintage clothes so much. I’ve found some of my favorite clothes in thrift shops."

During an interview she also mentioned, "My advice is whenever traveling through a town, find their Good Will or Salvation Army. Put in the time and go through the racks even if it seems futile at first."

5. eva slide 05 mixed prints

Mix and Match

“All these fashion do’s and don’ts really kill creativity and I think women should be free to dress how they wish and not worry about mixing and matching prints and colors,” Eva told InStyle.

6. eva slide 06 Eva and Sophia

Best Beauty Advice

What's the best beauty advice Eva's ever received and loves to share? A tip she credits to Sophia Loren. "Beauty is 50% what you've got & 50% what people think you've got."

7. eva slide 07 light makeup

Opt for Light Makeup

Eva's go to day-to-day look consists of a light foundation with a heavy moisturizer, a natural lip balm, and a light bronzer.

8. eva slide 08 airport

Morning Beauty Routine

"I drink a cup of warm lemony water. It’s a common practice in Japanese cultures used to wake up the whole body," Eva said. "This mixture stimulates the metabolism, purifies the body and revives the skin. It’s also a great remedy to overcome jetlag!"