5 Ways Celia Cruz Left Her Mark on the Fashion World

From her impeccable vocal skills to her extraordinary sense of style, Celia Cruz was truly one of a kind. When it came to fashion, La Reina de Salsa was on a level all her own. Her bedazzled, vibrant looks made her performances unforgettable.

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1. The Brighter the Better

The “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” singer lived a life filled with color. You would rarely catch Celia rocking boring white or black attire — unless it was blinged out of course. Her wardrobe never had a dull moment, making every moment of her life a true celebration. 

2. Prints Galore

Whether it was a peacock print or a piano-inspired design, this diva was never afraid to try anything once. Her uncanny ability to rock unusual prints with confidence still gives us major style envy. 

3. A Diva of Gowns

This salsera wasn't one to sport pants, but she could work the heck out of a floor-length gown! Laced, bedazzled, or feathered, this diva could rock them all. 

4. Full of Culture

No matter where she went, Celia always showed off her cultural pride. She often incorporated traditional pieces into her wardrobe such as the classic Cuban rumba dress.

5. Accessory Queen

Celia was known for her out-of-this-world accessories. Her large statement necklaces, colorful wigs (often matching her outfit), and fab head pieces were the key to making any ensemble a Celia Cruz signature.