Cardi B Reveals Steve Madden And Fashion Nova Will Appear On Her Upcoming Album



Cardi B is no stranger to rapping about designer brands. In her hit single, "Bodak Yellow," the social media star turned musician pays homage to the everyone's favorite red-sole shoes, Christian Louboutin

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And in anticipated of her debut album, Beats 1 Radio asked the 25-year-old what other designers would be appearing on her tracks.  

"You know what, high-end designers I like. I like D Squared. I like Givenchy. I like Versace. I like Gucci. I like all that stuff but you know what else you're going to hear about, you're going to hear about Fashionova and you're going to hear about Steve Madden," the Dominican-Trinidadian beauty told host Julie Adenuga.

Back in December, Cardi B announced her collaboration with Steve Madden for a curated collection all her fans could afford. Along with the line, the rapper created a series of hilarious videos showing fans just how to style the amazing shoes. So it's not surprising we'll be seeing Steve Madden's names make a guest appearance on a single.


"You wanna no something not everybody kill for a bloody shoe, " she said. "I'm going to rap about something and I'm going to make it trendy. I did spike a sale on Louboutin. It's a fact."

The Bronx-born star was referring to the Cardi effect, which not only spiked google searches for red bottoms by 217 percent but also increased sales for Christian Louboutins thanks to her debut single. 

And just in case you think Cardi is just being paid for publicity, she added, "You wanna know something, Fashionnova is one of like the only thing that just fits my body. These high-end designers I love them but, none of their jeans fit this ass. None of them," the Latina said. Don't we all know the struggle of finding the perfect pair of jeans for our body type.

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We can't wait to see what music magic Cardi B is working on!