EXCLUSIVE: Camila Alves Talks Fashion Trends, Holidays & Family

And I did this thing, and I kind of jokingly called it the “My Dollar Campaign,” and I put up this website, and I said okay what I want you guys to do is whatever money you were going to spend in a gift, go over there and donate. And it’s to help our foundation [J.K. Livin Foundation, a foundation founded by Camila and Matthew to help empower high school students] and Haiti relief. It’s going to split in the middle for those two. Just donate, that’s all I want. I actually kept the website up, so it’s still there! You can still donate.

[Find the website at http://www.active.com/donate/jklivin2012/camilaalves]

We know it’s early, but how are you planning on spending the holidays?

In Brazil, we celebrate Christmas at midnight on the 24th. Here, they celebrate the 25th during the day. So I can’t just do the 25th, I have to do something the 24th at midnight, and it’s funny because the whole American side of the family is like, ‘Really, midnight? You want to have us do a dinner at midnight?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, that’s how I grew up celebrating!’ So we’re keeping that so we do something on the 24th at midnight and we’ll do something on the 25th. They don’t get to open gifts until the 25th, so I kept that as the American tradition, but we’ll definitely do a Latin version of the midnight Christmas.

And if we’re in Texas, we’ll definitely be doing something on the 24th. Because my sister in-law is from Mexico, and her whole family is from Mexico, and they do a big thing at midnight, Mexican-style. So If I’m in Texas, that’s what we’ll do. So it’s going to be a big family get-together.

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