Bella Thorne Reveals Her Style Secrets! (EXCLUSIVE)

Teen actress and singer Bella Thorne is always pulling off new styles! With her bold bright hair color and funky, youthful style, we simply had to get her best tips on keeping her skin glowing, her hair healthy, and to find out where she gets her style inspiration.

Your gorgeous red hair is such a defining feature for you. Do you consider that your best feature?

I always like my hair to look good—even if your makeup isn’t popping, the hair will make your outfit. It’s the first thing you see! I like to crimp my hair to add fullness, but you don’t have to do a tight crimp. A loose crimp gives a wavy style.

You’ve recently added colored highlights to your hair look. Why’d you decide to take that style risk?

I love bold hair colors! And I also love when someone’s hair is shiny. But as far as the pink and now lavender, I just like when my hair looks interesting—no matter how I style it.

Between dance rehearsals, recording, and filming, how do you keep your skin fresh and complexion dewy?

Well, actually, when I’m not filming or going to an event, I don’t wear makeup. I don’t really like to wear makeup. I really like Neutrogena products—especially their body scrub. It keeps your skin looking healthy. I like Armani mascara and I love Nars’ Highlighting Blush. I just use it everywhere!

How about clothes? Any style do’s or don’ts that you live by?

I think the only don’t that I have is don’t try to look like anyone else. You need to stay true to who you are—you’re not looking your best if you’re trying to look like someone else. Just like my music, I’m not stuck in one thing. Sometimes I wear sweatpants, sometimes I’m all glammed up. But you need to feel your best when you’re looking like you and when your personality comes through from your clothes.

Such great advice! Final question: Who is your Latina style icon?

J.Lo. No matter what, that girl always puts on a great performance and looks fabulous. She’s a good actress. She’s funny. She has great music. I’ve always loved J.Lo!