8 Latina Stars & Their Signature Colors

Admit it: we all have that one color that makes us feel beautiful. If you don’t think that’s true, open up your closet. See? It’s the one color we buy (even if it’s subconscious) because we know we’ll look good in it. And it seems celebs are no different. Take a look at the colors celebs have taken as their signature:

1. colors slide 01 sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara: Green

Sofia looks great in anything, but she knows she sparkles in green. It’s certainly a nod to her home country of Colombia, where most of the world’s emeralds come from.

2. colors slide 02 zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana: Blue

Zoe rocks a number of colors, but one color she’s definitely been wearing a lot of is blue. From deep cerulean to grey-blue, Zoe wears the blue spectrum on many red carpets.

3. colors slide 03 penelope cruz

Penelope Cruz: Red

Lady in red! Penelope looks flawless at any red carpet event, and it might be because she often matches the carpet. Red shows confidence, and it seems Penelope has it in spades.

4. colors slide 04 jessica alba

Jessica Alba: Hot Pink

Apparently, Jessica Alba is not afraid of color! The mom, actress and entrepreneur knows that hot pink looks great with her olive skin tone, whether she’s using it as an accent layer or wearing a beautiful gown in the hue.

5. colors slide 05 jlo

Jennifer Lopez: White

While J.Lo could wear a burlap sack and still look amazing, her color of choice is white. The color looks great with her skintone and bronze makeup she seems to be such a fan of.

6. colors slide 06 eva longoria

Eva Longoria: Nude

The actress and activist isn’t one for holding back on color, but her go-to safety seems to be nude and beige dresses and gowns.

7. colors slide 07 rosario dawson

Rosario Dawson: Black

It seems Rosario likes to go incognito, as she’s always stepping out wearing black. We get it: black looks chic, always!

8. colors slide 08 salma

Salma Hayek: Silver/Grey

Over the years Salma has worn pretty much every color under the sun to red carpet events, but recently she seems to be all about silvers and greys. Stunning!