Worst Dressed: Vanessa Bryant's Red Carpet Fail

Rarely is an outfit so ugly that it warrants an individual posting, but Vanessa Bryant managed to rock one so incredibly atrocious that we had to share it with the world.

At the ESPY awards filmed at the Kodak theatre in LA on Wednesday night, Mrs. Kobe Bryant showed up in a metallic black chevron print jumpsuit, complete with cleavage enhancing cutouts and genie pants. Yup, we said it. Genie. Pants.

We're guessing you never really thought such a confluence of bad taste and poor shape was possible. But unfortunately it is. This is what happens when you decide to get dressed in the dark. Or maybe its the result of having a husband who is clearly so enamored of his own reflection that he doesn't even notice the major fashion faux pas you are about to commit. Either way, here's our advise for Vanessa: Burn that jumpsuit, and make sure it never ever sees the light of day again. Thank you.