Best Dressed: Camilla Belle Electrifies in Blue

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Actress Camilla Belle at the Stella McCartney Private Dinner in London. She was reppin' for the Latinas in a fierce blue mini dress and a no-fuss hairstyle at this extremely high fashion soiree.

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Penelope Cruz's wardrobes in all of her Pedro Almodovar films remain a fashion inspiration. Here's a sneak peak from the set of "Los Abrazos Rotos" in Madrid where takes direction from Almodovar in a navy dress with matching jacket and super-high round-toe pumps. Suerte!

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What's up with the studly blue collar garb? Oh, that's right, it's Carlos Ponce on the set of "Lipstick Jungle." Here he's eating lunch with "Lipstick" starlet Lindsay Price. Don't get any sauerkraut on that cute red satin pencil skirt!

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Amber bikini, loose black tank, and stripey tight pants? It could only be Kat Von D supporting her boyfriend Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue at Crue Fest in Florida. Somehow she makes it all work.

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Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are dressed so seriously for the launch of his Blue Seduction fragrance in NYC. Wearing a beautifully tailored suit, he announces his partnership with Broadway Cares.

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Lin Manuel-Miranda, the creator of "In The Heights," works the newsboy cap and the fitted ribbed sweater, which results in the emitting of successful and talented pheromones.

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Actress Aimee Garcia attends the Hale Bob Summer of Love Party in Hollywood. She looks adorable in this emerald green silk dress with the 1940s styling on the shoulders and the peep toe pumps.