Styling Mami: Jessica Alba’s Maternity Chic

While many pregnant women think their days of being fashionable and chic are over for 9 months, Latina magazine’s August cover girl, Jessica Alba, isn’t one of them. The Mexican American beauty has been consistently spotted wearing trendy outfits throughout her second pregnancy and demonstrating to mami’s everywhere that it’s possible to stay stylish and fabulous while expecting.

1. Alba Maternity Style 1

The ruffled v-neckline and her glamorous hair draw attention to her upper body.

2. Alba Maternity Style 2

This color block dress highlights Jessica’s waist while embracing a fashionable spring trend.

3. Alba Maternity Style 3

This golden strapless dress matches Alba’s pregnancy glow—absolutely radiant!

4. Alba Maternity Style 4

The pleats and ruching on this frock allowed Jessica to hide her belly during her first trimester.

5. Alba Maternity Style 5

Layering a scarf over a cardigan highlight the outfit & accessories instead of the baby bump. Jessica recently told us she favors light-weight long sweaters that cover up her hips and booty while pregnant.

6. Alba Maternity Style 6

A fitted button-down top worn over a dress gives Alba a slimmer silhouette.

7. Alba Maternity Style 7

Wide-leg jeans balance out Jessica’s pregnant upper body with her lower body.

8. Alba Maternity Style 8

We all know the color black is always slimming.

9. Alba Maternity Style 9

A casual top with slouchy trousers and heels keep Jessica comfy and chic, as every pregnant women should be!

10. Alba Maternity Style 10

This high-waisted A-line skirt paired with a fitted blazer creates a slimmer waist.

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