Style File: Dania Ramirez

1. Dania Ramirez Style File 1

Dania Ramirez's personal style emphasizes colorful, body-conscious glamour. Here she's showing off a trademark look: the fruit-flavored, strapless corset dress at an EW party in NYC.

2. Dania Ramirez Style File 2

Dania made eyes pop and heads turn at San Diego's Comic-Con in her sexy, form-fitting corset dress. It shows off some her best attributes: toned and sun-kissed shoulders.

3. Dania Ramirez Style File 3

Dania Ramirez releases her inner feline in this over-the-top leopard skin dress at the premiere of Illegal Tender. But the red pumps? The stiff ringlets? Yes, there can be too much of a good thing.

4. Dania Ramirez Style File 4

Dania tones down her look for an EA Sports videogame party in L.A., with a carefully constructed casual look:  slouchy off-the-shoulder sweater, cinched waist belt,  sculptural sandals and a pair of skin tight jeans.

5. Dania Ramirez Style File 5

Dania looks like a little girl playing dress-up in this red and white strapless dress at the Declare Yourself party in Hollywood. The look could have been greatly improved if she switched the frillly bag and shoes combo for something more sleek and modern.

6. Dania Ramirez Style File 6

Dania has a tendency to throw together too many bold trends at the same time, like this combination of red belt, red shoes and spangly mini-skirt at the GameSpot party in L.A. But her gorgeous good looks and charisma are her saving grace.

7. Dania Ramirez Style File 7

Dania is in top-form in this black strapless, belted dress at an NBC party in Beverly Hills. She looks great with her hair pulled back showing off her expressive eyes. That's a pose worth studying!

8. Dania Ramirez Style File 8

Only Dania Ramirez could get away with this form-fitting gingham check mini-dress at the Spike TV Scream Awards in L.A. On anyone else, it would look like a glorified tablecloth.

9. Dania Ramirez Style File 9

Dania rocks a super-short color block mini-dress with opaque tights in the winter of 2006, just as her career was blasting off. Plus, an adorable puppy is always a great accessory.

10. Dania Ramirez Style File 10

Dania Ramirez channels the romanticisim of flamenco with this persimmon hued, elaborately ruffled and tiered, floor-length skirt, which is the perfect thing to wear to the 2007 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Florida.