Paz de la Huerta's 5 Wackiest Fashions

Paz de la Huerta has always marched to the tune of her own drummer. Her unique style and funky take on fashion make her one to watch on the red carpet, but sometimes, her wild choices miss the mark. We're always for ladies who take fearless risks, so here's to Paz de la Huerta and her five funkiest fashion choices ever!

1. Paz de l Huerta Fashion 1

At the premiere of the Devil’s Double, de la Huerta wore a see-through lace top and skin-tight shiny 80’s inspired hot pants that may have been just one size too small.

2. Paz de la Huerta Fashion 2

At the Vanity Fair Oscar party in Hollywood, the Spanish actress may have thrown back one drink too many when she wore a green long silk gown that had a sky–high slit up to her hip.

3. Paz de la Huerta Fashion 3

At a NY Gala, the Boardwalk Empire starlet strutted on the red carpet looking fiercely feline in not one, but two leopard prints!

4. Paz de la Huerta Fashion 4

At the Time for A Change screening, Paz wore a completely see-through cotton dress that exposed all of her, ahem, assets.

5. Paz de la Huerta Fashion 5

At the premiere of The Runaways, Paz dressed in her signature style with a see-through lace corset and sheer leggings.

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