Oscars After-Party

1. oscars after 01

 Gustavo Santaolalla shows off his second little gold man outside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, which he won for Best Original Score for Babel. Santaolalla is on board for a film production of On the Road directed by Walter Salles, due out in 2009.

2. oscars after 02

Babel's Adriana Barraza outside the Vanity Fair party.

3. oscars after 03

Mia Maestro, looking glamorous as usual

4. oscars after 04

Rosario Dawson outside the Vanity Fair party

5. oscars after 05

Michelle Rodriguez, looking surprisingly innocent in a white dress

6. oscars after 06

 John Leguizamo and his usual smirk, arriving at the Vanity Fair party.

7. oscars after 07

Penelope Cruz, what were you thinking with that dress? Can anyone say lampshade? We weren't too hot on the pink number she wore for the ceremony, but this one is just ...bizarre. Of course, she still manages to look beautiful!

8. oscars after 08

Penelope with look-alike sister Monica Cruz.

9. oscars after 09

 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony arriving at the Vanity Fair party

10. oscar after 10

Clive Owen chats with Mia and Penelope inside Morton's Restaurant, where the Vanity Fair party was held.

11. oscars after 11

 Emilio and Gloria Estefan making the Oscar party rounds...

12. oscars after 12

Buds Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna at the Vanity Fair party.

13. oscars after 13

John Leguizamo still has his sunglasses on inside the party!

14. oscars after 14

 Rosario Dawson

15. oscars after 15

 Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan ...that's quite the pose, Rose!