An Open Letter to Mariah Carey

Dear Mimi,

We hope you don't mind if we share, in this personal letter, our humble opinion on what we believe is your very promising style evolution of late.

First, a disclaimer: Back in your “Emotion” days, we loved your look: denim jacket over tube dress, natural curls flowing freely, classic men’s shirt knotted at the waist. You were the breathing embodiment of the multi-culti early '90s.

And yet, as time hurtled inevitably forward, your style, unfortunately, did not. In fact, it seemed to regress. For you, less was more. You wore exceedingly shrinking outfits on your music videos (pum pum shorts at the carwash), at promotional appearances (bubble bath on Cribs) and on the red carpet (minis and sky-high heels de riguer). By the mid 2000s, we all knew what you were packing. You left so little to the imagination!

But in the past year, we're relieved to say that we’ve noticed a certain classiness encroaching (an unlikely side effect of your new married life, perhaps?) Sure, the body-conscious silhouettes are still there. But there’s less overt skin. You’ve reintroduced the classic white shirts. Wearing an elegantly fitted silver gown at Fashion Rocks in September, you were unquestionably glamorous without being skimpy. You’re more natural and self-assured now. And as a result, we think you’re kinda hotter than ever. Please keep moving in this direction...te lo rogamos.

Love and respect,