Latin Billboards Men's Fashion

1. billboard men 01

Winners Aventura look like they've been practicing their hand signs in front of the mirror... but they are looking pretty slick. Romeo's sneakers even matched his suit!

2. billboard men 02

The boys from Calle 13 rocked two different looks at the Billboards: simple "formal" (but what's up with the purse, Visitante?)....

3. billboard men 03

...and pastel wedding wear (and an ample bride).

4. billboard men 04

We're loving David Bisbal's short hair and sharp look.

5. billboard 05

Coti went rock n roll for the awards with a t-shirt, blazer, and skinny (VERY skinny!) jeans.

6. billboard men 06

Fonseca kept things simple with a black suit and white shirt.

7. billboard men 07

...while Jeremias did the oppsite (white blazer, black shirt). Not sure which we like more...

8. billboard men 08

Salsero Michael Stuart looked sharp in his white suit, though his head is looking mighty shiny.

9. billboard men 09

Yet another white suit! This one's on Pitbull. We're starting to notice a trend...

10. billboard men 10

It's all about the shades, suits, and attitude for Rakim y Ken-Y

11. billboard men 11

Looks like Wisin y Yandel took some style tips from Rakim y Ken-Y (or vice versa?) What's on your wrist, Wisin? And what's with the hand signs, both of you?

12. billboard men 12

We definitely don't give Ricardo Montaner two thumbs up for his Latin Billboards look. The bracelets? The hair? Por favor...

13. billboard men 13

Toby Love was by far one of the most adventurous dressers at the awards, showing up in a pink blazer, pink bowtie, white pants ...and the Target dog!

14. billboard men 14

...though he wasn't the only man to rock the pink. Cuban-American rapper Don Dinero dressed down with a baggy pink t-shirt.

15. billboard men 15

Victor Manuelle kept things traditional with a simple suit and vest... but left the tie at home.