Jessica, Jamie-Lynn and La La "Spread the Love"

Not every celeb wants to launch a full-fledged fashion line. Jessica Alba, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and La La Vasquez are among the dozens of starlets who designed one look (a T-shirt or a onesie) for "Spread the Love," a charity campaign jumpstarted by L.A. T-shirt line 2LOVE. Each piece features its celebrity designer's stylish interpretation of amor--cop them online at, and a portion of proceeds will go to the charity of their choice.

Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Ashanti got in on the action, but let's talk about our chicas' shirts. Personally, we like Jamie-Lynn's design the best. Multilingualism is always fab, and she's sending proceeds to the Jamie-Lynn Sigler Foundation, which helps educate kids on the consequences of eating disorders. Jessica's shirt features a heart of pink glitter and benefits the StepUp Women's Network, which offers mentorship and after-school programs for girls in underserved communities, while La La's adorable "Music Is Life" onesie helps out the Boys and Girls Club.  

At $50 and $28 a pop, the looks aren't exactly recession-friendly...but they will help out a young person in need, and that strengthens all of us, right? 

--Monica Herrera