Jessica Alba's Mami-to-Be Style Slideshow

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Jessica Alba's baby bump is barely visible in this sweeping, one-shouldered evening gown at the Australia Day Black Tie Gala in NYC.

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When you're pregnant, it's especially important to emphasize your best attributes! In Alba's case, one of her most flattering features is her neckline, which she accentuated at a recent appearance on MTV's TRL with a blousy off-the-shoulder shift dress.

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At the 2008 Oscars, Alba looked as pregnant as can be. But she still flaunts a swan-like neck, beautifully framed by the straplessness of this drapey, eggplant-hued gown by Marchesa.

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Somehow, Alba gets prettier as the months go by. Here she is in London wearing a spacious white peasant top that frames her collar bones and gives her belly room to breathe. A long, chain-link necklace adds fun to the whole look, but most important are the leggings and flat boots--a comfortable and necessary break from slacks and heels!