Jennifer Lopez Calls Victoria Beckham a "Fashion Icon"

Almost every star offers their two cents on fashion these days. But few live and breathe it like Jennifer Lopez, who not only vacations with designers but judges her friends on their style prowess too. The Latina megastar tells OK! Magazine that celebrity galpal Victoria Beckham is following in her own very fashionable footsteps: "Victoria and I are really good friends, and we both definitely share a passion for fashion," says Lopez. "Her taste in clothing is fantastic. I really respect and admire her style. She's definitely a fashion icon."

Of course, Jenny doesn't love Posh's always-streamlined look enough to emulate it. "I love to mix different styles," adds Lopez. "I like to combine classic, modern, vintage, hippie. It all depends on how I feel or the mood I'm in."
That's more like it! We agree with J. Lo that Victoria has created a chic style persona, but we don't want Lopez taking her cues from Posh Spice and dressing like a diva circa 2050!

Who do you think is the bigger fashion icon right now: Jennifer Lopez or Victoria Beckham?