Halloween Costume Guide: Celebrity Couples

1. Halloween Couples - ARod & Madonna

Alex Rodriguez and Madonna, aka "Madriguez"
You might want to take advantage of this costume idea this year, considering—in all likelihood—"Madriguez" will no longer exist next Halloween. To achieve the perfect Madriguez, start with his-and-her body-building costumes. Tie matching red strings around each of your wrists, signifying your devotion to Kabbalah. A-Rod must follow Madonna around but always be at least ten feet behind her, refer to her only as your "f*cking soulmate," and under no circumstances should you allow yourselves to be photographed together.

2. Halloween Couples - JLo & Marc

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
The costumes for this one are simple: If you're going as Jennifer, get yourself some towering heels, a structured, forties-style dress and a healthy maternal glow (use spray-tan if necessary). If you're going as Marc, stop eating immediately to achieve his signature sunken, hollowed-out look. Then, throw on a powder-blue suit, a thin dress shirt with a maximum of two buttons done, some gold chains and opaque shades. But here's what will sell it: do not let go of each others hands, no matter what, and try to access a private jet that can shuttle you from parties in LA and New York in the same night.

3. Halloween Couples - ELP & Tony

Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker
To make your mark as the doting wife of an NBA MVP, start by talking about him constantly. Every sentence you say should start with "Tony and I..." The only exception to this is denying that you're pregnant, which you are free to do to any and all who will listen, even if they're not asking. Tony, on the otherhand, should pretty much keep his mouth shut the entire night.

4. Halloween Couples - Salma & Valentina

Salma Hayek and Valentina Paloma
This is a great one if you have a small child, or are stuck babysitting your neice on Halloween. The outfits are simple: understated, but undeniably designer. Balenciaga, Chloe, Gucci—any of the above will do, since they are all owned by your babydaddy and former "partner" Francois-Henri Pinault. In fact, skip the party scene altogether, and take your little one on a shopping spree with your billionaire boyfriend's credit card. Should anyone—partygoer or paparazzo—dare to try and take a picture of you and your little princess, don't hesitate to throw a punch in their direction.

5. Halloween Couples - America & Lindsay

America Ferrera and Lindsay Lohan
The essence of Hollywood's newest arch-enemies is not so much in the costume (although that's pretty simple: a poncho and glasses if you're America, and leggings, a cigarette and Samantha Ronson if you're Lindsay), it's more in the action. Americas, you're going to want to be as bossy as you can, demanding that anyone who dares try and upstage you or show up late to the party be kicked out immediately. Lindsays, stay huddled behind your Samanthas and don't forget to chain smoke. When the party has reached it's peak, bring the attention back to you by get yourselves into a screaming catfight.

6. Halloween Couples - Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez and His Ego
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...if you're like our pal Mario Lopez and the one you love most of all is yourself, have we got a costume idea for you. Wear your most muscle-conscious shirt, or no shirt at all, keep those dimples pastered on your cheeks, slick back your hair with an entire can of gel, and walk around with a pocket mirror so you can periodically (or, rather, frequently), so you can admire your own hotness. Go ahead, you worked hard for it.