Fashion Transformation: Carmelo Anthony's Off-Court Style

Carmelo Anthony's 43 points to help the New York Knicks beat the Chicago Bulls in overtime last night might be what the sports world is talking about today, but we are looking back at his fashion hits and misses. He has come a long way since bursting onto the scene as a standout freshmen at Syracuse in 2002.

He was picked up by the Denver Nuggets in the draft the following year. He was traded to the New York Knicks last year where he has helped turn the team around. His wife, La La Vazquez-Anthony, has been along for the excitement and we are pretty sure she had something to do with streamlining his b-ball boy style.

Check out how far Melo has come in achieving his slam dunk style.

1. Carmelo Anthony: Yellow Bandana

Back in 2006 at T-Mobile Basketball's Rising Stars Celebration in New York City, Carmelo tried to look like an actual star in his bright yellow over-sized bandana shirt with a matching bucket hat.

To stand out even more, he added a silver and gold chain necklace. We understand why La La looks frightened in the picture.

2. Carmelo Anthony: Doo Rag

We want to cut Carmelo some slack for this look in 2007 because the whole being-in-public-with-a-doorag thing was kind of popular for a while there. But, really, he should've known better...

3. Carmelo Anthony: Red Hood

In New Orleans in 2008, he overdid it on the red with a large hooded jacket over a matching hat. La La decided to switch it up with a pink and black striped dress. 

4. Carmelo Anthony: Khaki Shorts

No. Absolutely not. You should not show up to an event with a red carpet and photographers wearing khaki shorts and sneakers, even if it's only a launch party for body spray! The sweater's not terrible, so in 2009 he was at least showing signs of improvement, but there goes that silver and gold chain necklace again!

5. Carmelo Anthony: Green Sweater

A few short weeks before his nuptials to La La Vazquez, Carmelo already seemed to be a changed man at the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles. He traded his baggy clothes for slimmer khaki pants with a fitted neon green grandpa cardigan sweater. Classy!

6. Carmelo Anthony: Plaid Suit

It doesn't get much more dapper than a plaid three-piece suit. In 2011, Melo looked like quite the gentleman in his grey plaid ensemble at the National Basketball Players Association All-Star Gala in Los Angeles.

7. Carmelo Anthony: Safari

We have no idea where Carmelo thought he was going with this outfit! He wore it for the T-Mobile Magenta Carpet at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game, but it looks like a safari ensemble to us. A chic safari, of course, but a safari nonetheless.

8. Carmelo Anthony: Black Tuxedo

Looking sharp in an all-black tuxedo, Carmelo stepped it up and looked as good as (if not better than) La La at the 'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty' Costume Institute Gala at The Met in 2011.

9. Carmelo Anthony: Red Pants

Carmelo turned over a new fashion leaf when he attended the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2012 fashion show without his wife. Few men would want to go to a fashion show without being dragged to it by their woman, yet Melo enjoyed the show in his preppy red pants.

10. Carmelo Anthony: Suit & Glasses

Carmelo started to get much more comfortable with his stylish new look in late 2011. He looks great in this grey blazer and those cool specs. Somehow, he doesn't fade into the background even though La La looks incredible in that teal dress. Quite the stylish couple!