EXCLUSIVE: Marc Anthony's Style Evolution

There has been a lot of speculation and gossip about what caused the split between J. Lo and Marc Anthony, but one thing that’s undeniable is the great style this iconic Latino couple possesed. The two even collaborated on a fashion line for Kohl’s, which, the retail giant stated, has always been positioned as two separate brands and just launched.

While Jennifer has always been a fierce fashionista, Marc’s look has only improved through the years, and that’s something the salsa singer readily admitted to Latina just weeks before they announced they were ending their marriage.  

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During an exclusive interview with Latina, we asked Marc if he ever saw himself as a style icon. “I don’t see myself as a fashionista,” he said. “I think that I’ve come to represent a certain style because of my taste.”

Marc described his taste as “easy and slick…you just feel like a million bucks. It’s comfortable, rich, and confident…you’re not trying at all.”

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"There’s something to be said about someone being comfortable,” he added. “They don’t even realize how their body language changes and it’s just really attractive and their confidence comes out… them being them comes out.”

Here’s a look at how Marc’s style evolved over the years:

1. Marc Anthony Style: Blazers

He went from neutral suits to more fashion-forward ensembles like this plaid and baby blue blazer.

2. Marc Anthony Style: Chest

As the years go by, the more skin he shows with his signature unbuttoned shirts.

3. Marc Anthony Style: Scarf

Wearing a scarf is more of a fashion statement now than outerwear to keep him warm.

4. Marc Anthony Style: Skully

When going for a casual look, he’s learned how to keep his style looking cool by pairing a relaxed skully hat with his outfit.

5. Marc Anthony Style: Sandals

Like any other confident stylish man, he’s not afraid to wear open-toed sandals.

6. Marc Anthony Style: Tailored

He has learned that everything tailored and fitted just looks better.

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