Best Dressed List of Men’s Oscar Fashion

Among all the dazzling gowns worn by Hollywood’s leading ladies on Oscar night, male actors often get overlooked. What a shame, because the red carpet style of these hombres bellos definitely display serious fashion cred. Since we never pass up a chance for unabashed drooling at the hottest male eye candy Hollywood has to offer, we decided to give props to some of our favorite actors’ Oscar ensembles.

1. Men's Oscar Fashion - Javier Bardem

We love a guy who gets along with his family, and in 2008, Javier Bardem was the prime example of a hot mama’s boy in a dark blue tuxedo by Prada. Winning the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in No Country for Old Men, the Spanish star acknowledged his mother (and date for the night) in his acceptance speech—aww!

2. Men's Oscar Fashion - Benicio del Toro

If a guy is as hot as Benicio Del Toro, he really doesn’t need much prepping to look amazing. This classic black Armani tuxedo was a surefire winner for the Puerto Rican actor in 2001, when he accepted the well-deserved Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Traffic.

3. Men's Oscar Fashion - Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez made the perfect power couple as they worked the red carpet together in 2006. We loved confident and cool look of the singer's classic black suit and white-on-white tie.

4. Men's Oscar Fashion - Antonio Banderas

You’ve got to love a guy who really goes for it—and in 2005, Antonio Banderas, escorting his wife Melanie Griffith, committed wholeheartedly to a laidback movie star style in a Giorgio Armani tuxedo complete with slicked back hair and cool black shades.

5. Men's Oscar Fashion - Carlos Santana

A put-together Oscar appearance sans tie? We didn’t believe it was possible either—until legendary musician Carlos Santana proved that an informal Academy Awards look could still be sharp. Performing a song from The Motorcycle Diaries at the Oscars in 2005, Santana complemented his suit with a Che Guevara t-shirt, silver pendant necklace and cap.

6. Men's Oscar Fashion - Alejandro Amenabar

It’s not just the actors who take the spotlight at the Oscars—Alejandro Amenábar, who directed the Academy Award winning Spanish film The Sea Inside, won fashion accolades for the dapper black Hugo Boss suit he wore at the 2005 Oscars.

7. Men's Oscar Fashion - Brad Pitt

Consider him an honorable mention we just couldn’t resist. Let’s forget about the scruffy beard Brad Pitt is currently sporting and take a look back at how good the actor looked on Oscar night in 2009. The star, dressed in a tuxedo by Tom Ford and displaying neatly trimmed facial hair, was the ultimate dapper escort for Angelina Jolie.