Backstage Beauty: Glittery Eyes & Shattered Glass Manis Take Over at Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese Beauty Look Fall 2014 Runway Show
Getty Images

When you enter the scene at Tracy Reese, the first thing you hear is “Helloooooooo Gorgeous!!” from across the room. That would be legendary makeup artist and one of our all-time favorite girly girls, Mally Roncal. Surrounded by models, brushes, and about a million lipsticks, it’s hard to get to her, but somehow we managed. 

"Tracy had this amazing idea to take each of the girls and give them a look that is inspired by an emotion, so we have seven looks: happy, stoic, sultry, melancholy, aggressive…it's all about emotions. Happy girls have glitter and pink cheeks, stoic girls have dark brows, and sultry girls have vampy lips. My team is mixing different textures and colors with my makeup palettes, so there’s shimmery, and pastel, and matte, but there’s a lot of brows,” said Mally.

Now, onto the nails. Tracy has a longstanding partnership with Sally Hansen and season after season, three new colors are debuted on the runway, before becoming available to the public, a few months later. This collection might be my favorite one yet though. Two looks were applied on the models' tips for the show—a shattered glass effect using Complete Salon Manicure in Somber Bliss topped with Shattered Stars and a chili flake design, which is a mix of red and gold glitter in a polish, aptly called Chili Flakes. Tracy was apparently inspired to create this shade when she was cooking with the spice at home. Love that! 

Ouidad was responsible for the individualized, textured ‘dos on the girls—Creative Director Morgan White said of the look: “Bold, naturally textured styles are all the rage right now and will continue to be a growing trend.”

A few of our favorite Ouidad products were used on the models’ locks to get that beachy feel: Wave Create Sea Spray, PlayCurl Volumizing Styling Spray and Shine Glaze Serum. Just like at DKNY, a huge backstage beauty theme this season is unique style. There isn’t just one hair and makeup look for everyone, it’s more about a custom mix.