Erin Fetherston Channels Grace Kelly for Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Presentation

Erin Fetherston Channels Grace Kelly for Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Presentation
Araceli Cruz

Grace Kelly is a classic emblem of pure elegance and poised femininity that defined a generation and resonates to this day, but are those characteristics something that are innate or can it be attained? After experiencing the the aura of Kelly’s timeless beauty, which served as inspiration to Erin Fetherston’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, the answer is: Flirty sophistication can most definitely be acquired. All you need is one of Fetherston’s floral and lace cocktail dresses, librarian glasses and slick ponytail and you’re set.

For this presentation, Fetherston looked to the legendary Barbizon Hotel, part charm school, part residence located on the Upper East Side, which in its heyday was home to Kelly, Lauren Bacall, and Joan Crawford, as a backdrop to her creative process.  

“The Barbizon was home to a lot of beautiful women and it was like their stepping stone to achieving their dreams,” Fetherston said while guests infiltrated the ballroom inside the W Hotel in Union Square.

Featherston, known for her uber-feminine collections and who can easily be mistaken for a young model, also played the role of a 1940s actress last night as she tied her blonde ponytail with a black ribbon, wore cat-eye liner, and wore a short black cocktail dress.

Walking into the presentation was like stepping into a Mad Men episode. Old-school jazz played in the background, fashion-goers sipped on champagne and ogled at the models who were positioned on a the stage, settled into a class photo-style arrangement.

*Cool tidbit: Don Draper did in fact visit the Barbizon in season 4 where one of his post-divorce conquests was staying at the hotel for women.

“I wanted to add a lot of strong jewel tones to my signature palette of pastels and neutrals,” Fetherston said. “We have the signature Erin colors of blush, black and ivory, but I brought in very beautiful shades of sapphire, ruby, teal, pink, and beautiful shades of gold. There's a lot of texture.”

Which look is your favorite?