Fashion Week: Ruffian Spring 2013

Perhaps 8 am is too early for anyone to be celebrating fashion, but that’s exactly what we did Saturday morning during New York Fashion Week backstage at Ruffian as the models prepped in hair and makeup.

With this Spring 2013 collection American designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais wanted to pay homage to the city they live in: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

But before sneaking a peek at the clothes we spoke to a representative at Bumble and Bumble to discuss the look of the Ruffian show, conceived by hair stylist Neil Moodie

“This is street style with couture. Inspired by a tough Williamsburg, Brooklyn girl. They wanted the hair to have a slick look with a bit of texture. But also give it some height.”

And there’s definitely height on the hair. It’s a mixture between a punk girl -- a teased top that’s folded back with slick sides -- while having confidence in style and structure.

“It’s a younger girl but you can see some pieces she borrowed from her mom.”

The pieces did compliment the young-yet-sophisticated look with a toile pattern that had images of Williamsburg, including the east river, paired up with converse.

“Baroque was counterbalanced with minimalism, street style, juxtaposed with runway, and luxury fabrics were cut into classic American utilitarian shapes to create an exited dialogue which spans and connects various generations and aesthetic sensibility,” reads a Ruffian statement.

Think of it as a modern version of Marie Antoinette.