Fairy Tale: Beauty and The Beast

Who could forget the Disney version of this sweet tale? Belle, a beautiful bookworm, in an agrees to move into a foreign castle with the Beast to save her elderly father. In a bizarre twist of fate, the Beast just happens to be a handsome, charming Prince placed under a curse by a devious enchantress! Aww! The two fall in love, and all ends well. 

Well, in the original tale, written by French novelist Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, Bella doesn't just have a sweet father... but also two evil stepsisters. When she returns home from the castle to visit her father, the stepsisters convince Belle to stay longer than she should. Their secret motive? They hope that her prolonged visit will anger the Beast to the point that he eats her alive.

With family like this, who needs enemies?  

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Fairy Tale: Beauty and The Beast
Beauty and the Beast
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